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This beautifully haunting song reflecting how we all feel during these heartbreaking times is written, orchestrated and produced by the one and only Peitor Angell. Jerri’s beautiful vocals echo heartbreak and loss while finding hope.

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About Jerri Bo Keno

Jerri Bo Keno has recorded, performed, and written with an amazing group of artists including John Lennon, Cher, Michael McDonald, Greg Allman. Grand Funk Railroad, Badfinger, and Journey. 

Her career began when she was signed to Phil Spector and recorded "Here It Comes And Here I Go Again" for his Spector International Label. The single was an international hit and featured on BBC's Top Of The Charts.  

 She recorded backing vocals on numerous hit recordings Spector was producing such as John Lennon’s, "Rock And Roll Album", Dion's "Born to Be With You" and Cher's single "A Woman's Story".  

Bo Keno, recorded as El Coco whose "Let's Get It Together" disco single topped the charts, and was the featured artist on "I Wish Right Now Would Never End" for David Benoit. 

She toured internationally with the 60's group The Shangri-Las for 25 years.  

Bo Keno continues to record, write and produce.  Her most recent single on Buon Art Records “Standing on the Edge of Life” is a timely and haunting song about loss, heartbreak, and uncertainty.  

She serves as Executive Producer on her documentary “Thank you, Arthur”  a true story about her biggest fan, who found her through the digital age after searching for her for decades. 

Thank you Arthur and “Standing in the Edge of Life” are the latest additions to a career that has traveled from vinyl to streaming, and highlights Jerri Bo Keno’s extraordinary musical life journey that continues to thrill old and new fans alike.  

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